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  • 2023-7-21

Japanese working in Hong Kong

Foreign nationals must obtain a work visa to work legally in Hong Kong. These visas allow foreigners to work and live in Hong Kong for up to one year, but they are not the only documents that foreigners need.

If you are only applying for an ordinary employment visa, it is recommended that you apply for the General Employment Policy.

Applications for admission to Hong Kong for employment under the General Employment Policy may be considered for approval if they fulfil the following criteria

1) There are no security reasons for rejecting the application and the applicant does not have any known serious criminal record;

2) the applicant has a good educational background, which normally means a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field, but in exceptional circumstances, good technical qualifications, proven professional competence and/or documented relevant experience and achievements may also be accepted;

3) There is a confirmed vacancy for the post;

4) a confirmed offer of employment in a job relevant to the applicant’s academic qualifications or working experience and which cannot be readily taken up by a local person; and

5) the remuneration package (including income, housing, medical and other fringe benefits) should be broadly comparable to the prevailing market remuneration for professionals in Hong Kong.

For details, please refer to the website of the Hong Kong Immigration Department.
Hong Kong Immigration Department

Agency Recommendation

You can also find work in Hong Kong with the help of an agency. Here are some agency recommendations:

1) Anlex Immigration Consultants
Anlex Immigration Consultants has over 28 years of experience in handling immigration procedures for Hong Kong locals, Mainlanders and expatriates residing in Hong Kong. They are committed to respecting the views of their clients and provide different investment immigration solutions for their clients to choose from.
Anlex Immigration Consultants

2) Conpak
It is an accounting firm providing “one-stop” professional services. Thanks to the support and trust of our clients, Conpak has now set up offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Singapore, and is well recognised for its professional quality and service level.

3) Gain Source Inc Limited
It specialises in providing professional consulting services to individuals and companies of all nationalities, both domestic and international, in business development and strategy, both domestically and internationally.
Gain Source Inc Limited

4) Flexkin & Co. CPA Limited
To provide accounting, tax, Hong Kong and China company registration, trademark and patent registration, corporate finance, notarization, investment immigration and work visa processing, deregistration, liquidation, business management and company secretarial services.
Flexkin & Co. CPA Limited

It is not difficult for Japanese people to find jobs in Hong Kong, Hong Kong government has introduced many measures to attract foreign talent, so if you are interested in working in Hong Kong, please be sure to refer to the above information.

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